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3L Publishing produces a variety of titles each year. Following describes some of the books available for
sale through 3L Publishing:


So You Want to Live to be 100? The “No Pill” Cure for High Cholesterol
By John E Bakos MD

$14.95 U.S

Want to live to be 100? But you have high Cholesterol and nothing you do brings it down? The cure to high cholesterol and living a long life are not what you think …

In this revolutionary new booklet, John E. Bakos, MD reveals the “no-pill” cure for high cholesterol, which is associated with elevated risk of cardiovascular disease, which can include coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Bakos defies conventional wisdom by suggesting that high cholesterol can be reduced down to the healthy range 90mg to 140mg – and it’s so simple it will shock readers.

Stunning facts revealed in the book include:

• If heart attacks and strokes as well as peripheral arterial “disease” could be eliminated as a cause of death, our life spans could be 20-40 years longer with a huge decrease in the associated debilities.

• Cholesterol levels of 200mg in our bloodstreams are 50-percent lethal.

• With cholesterol levels of 150mg or lower, heart attacks and strokes are rare.

So how do you reduce you cholesterol below 150mg. Turn to the pages of this life-changing book and discover the “no-pill” cure for high cholesterol.

John E Bakos, MD graduated from Ohio State University in 1962. After 50-plus years of watching and participating in “the show,” so to speak, he has witnessed and studied enough pieces of the puzzle of the cholesterol-artery connection to form a recognizable picture of what we are up against with this national disease. Ultimately the information in this book will lead to the reduction and/or elimination of deaths and damages that are being seen every 10 seconds across our country from preventable heart attacks and strokes, as well as hopefully ridding people of high blood pressure.



Walk With Me, I Want To Tell You Something (hardcover) $23.95 U.S.          

The Story of the Roseville Fiddyment Family

By Christina Richter with David Fiddyment

In 1853, Elizabeth Jane Crawford Fiddyment left the comfort of her home in Illinois to join throngs of fortune-seekers heading west to find prosperity in the hills of northern California. A young widow with a baby boy, her life’s journey had already included great love, tragedy, murder, and now hope for a new beginning.

Elizabeth’s indomitable spirit would carry her through many more challenges. A woman ahead of her time, she found her gender not to be a hindrance to her success, and ultimately built a land empire that grew to 10,000 acres in the Roseville area. 

For 150 years the Fiddyment family owned and operated ranches in some of the most picturesque countryside in northern California. Their history has links to the Donner Party and the Gold Rush. It includes the struggles and triumphs of being one of the most successful long-term ranching families in the state.

Seven generations of this family have called Roseville, California their home. 

This is their story.

Seven Generations…
A Land Empire…
Rich California History…
Take a “Walk” Through it All



Walk With Me, I Want To Tell You Something (softcover) $18.95 U.S.          

The Story of the Roseville Fiddyment Family

By Christina Richter with David Fiddyment

In 1853, Elizabeth Jane Crawford Fiddyment left the comfort of her home in Illinois to join throngs of fortune-seekers heading west to find prosperity in the hills of northern California. A young widow with a baby boy, her life’s journey had already included great love, tragedy, murder, and now hope for a new beginning.

Elizabeth’s indomitable spirit would carry her through many more challenges. A woman ahead of her time, she found her gender not to be a hindrance to her success, and ultimately built a land empire that grew to 10,000 acres in the Roseville area. 

For 150 years the Fiddyment family owned and operated ranches in some of the most picturesque countryside in northern California. Their history has links to the Donner Party and the Gold Rush. It includes the struggles and triumphs of being one of the most successful long-term ranching families in the state.

Seven generations of this family have called Roseville, California their home. 

This is their story.

Seven Generations…
A Land Empire…
Rich California History…
Take a “Walk” Through it All



Princess Josie | 18.95
By Lisa Paragary Engelken

Take an imaginary adventure with a royal doggy …

that is, Princess Josie, the delightful doggy who believes she is a princess. Explore her royal world as seen through Josie’s puppy eyes.
This beautifully illustrated children’s picture book takes young readers into the creative imagination of Josie, the beloved doggy who adores her family. Enjoy reading this unique and funny bedtime story to your children as Josie leads readers through her fanciful, imaginary world where she is the princess and her family the royal family.

“My son was delighted when he realized that Josie is just like our dog and that we are like the royal family. Very clever idea!”

- Kelly

“Super funny story. My daughter thought that it was hilarious that Josie thought of squirrels and cats as ferocious beasts.”

- Kari




Death Grip

$14.95 US

By Marissa Hartman

Love is merely a passionate, exotic and beautiful dream in this intriguing paranormal romance. 

“Love knows no boundaries and no distance; miles and obstacles mean absolutely nothing in the face of love.”  – Unknown 

Take an incredible, spiritual and amazing journey into this scintillating and sexy paranormal romance about one women — three men and one choice. This beautifully written and expressive love story explores the lines between reality and the metaphysical. It asks important questions about life, love and letting go.

Our heroine Lucy descends into a profound personal crisis when she finds herself staring at the bare back of her husband’s mistress. Lucy quickly tailspins into an emotional freefall, which leaves her feeling betrayed and vulnerable.

Desperate to regain stability and perspective, she sneaks away to a forest lodge to gather her thoughts, only to unexpectedly meet one of the most intriguing men of her life.  Almost simultaneously, Lucy runs in to her childhood friend, Gavin, which not only reawakens his never-ending desire for her, but also his secret metaphysical talents.  Lucy soon becomes stuck in an impassioned web, torn between the men in her life and unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is merely a dream.



Fairy Wisdom for Spiritual Evolution

$14.95 U.S.

By Sarah Jane Alexander

Fly away with the fairies into a realm of magic and love. King Oberon has stepped through the mists of fairyland to offer jewels of enlightenment for healing the planet, one heart at a time. The fairies want to reunite in harmony with humankind, so they have sent their messenger, Sarah Jane, to share their vision for a blissful future for all who live on Earth. Sarah Jane is a channeler who uses her skill of clairaudience — psychic hearing — to talk to Oberon so she can deliver fairy wisdom for the uplift of humanity.

In this insightful book, readers learn directly from fairies how to:

• Take better care of the planet

• Understand the growing problem of pollution

• Become aware of humankind’s need to help restore the Earth to its natural state of abundant beauty

The fairies know that people cannot heal the planet when they are out of balance themselves, so this book also offers:

• Pathways to turn struggles into joy

• Ways to transform your life into your personal playground while caring for
the Earth

• Simple ways to focus your life on healthy living — spiritually and physically

The last chapter contains inexpensive and easy recipes for you to make environmentally friendly cleaning and body-care products so you can help heal the planet by replacing chemical-laden commercial concoctions with nontoxic creations.

“Sarah Jane has created a truly revelational read that this world desperately needs right now and forevermore. Her innovative understanding and depiction of the fairy realm is paradigm-shifting for both those who’ve always felt a deep affinity for the fairy folk as well those who are newly curious to expand their consciousness. This is a text that will be held in the highest of esteem as long as there are those who seek to be one with the infinite life-forms that inhabit our beautiful home along with us. Truly a life-changing work. Read, absorb, reflect and enjoy.”

Will Harrison, Metaphysician



Magical & Memorable Family Vacations

$14.95 U.S.

By Elisa Taylor With Michelle Gamble-Risley

Family Vacations Create Magical Memories

What do you remember the most about growing up? What magical memory do you have about your family? If you’re like the 30 families whose members shared their heartfelt memories in this book, it’s probably a magical moment or place shared on a family vacation. When most people look back on their lives, it is often that special vacation that they remember with great fondness.

This inspiring book 30 Magical and Memorable Family Vacations contains not only 30 beautiful stories about family vacations, but also descriptions, details, and recommendations on the various destinations. If you want to feel inspired or really learn intimate details about a vacation spot, you will find all of that information contained with the pages of this lovely, charming book.

By reading this book you will learn about:

• 30 destinations, from Paris to Antigua, and from Hawaii to Oklahoma

• Personal stories about family travel

• Funny, real moments shared about these adventures

• Specific details about destination, lodging, tours, and places to visit

This book is written to share not only 30 families’ beautiful vacation memories, but also to inspire vacation ideas for other families to create their own
memories. It gives readers an opportunity to hear other people’s reflections about domestic and international destinations, including Yellowstone, Calaveras County,
California; Germany, France, the Caribbean, Mexico, Africa, and so much more.



An Oregon Shakespeare Festival Lover’s Guide to Exploring Southern Oregon & Northern California

By Louise Hays Doolittle
$14.95 US

From Crater Lake to Mt. Shasta and from Roseburg to Crescent City —
experience all the scenic joys of Southern Oregon and Northern California!

Journey along with author Louise Hays Doolittle as she takes you through a fascinating and in-depth exploration of what there is to visit, see, and enjoy in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Since the early 1980’s, when Louise and her family began annually attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Louise has spent nearly 30 years researching, traveling, interviewing, and writing. The result is this thorough, well-researched, Oregon Shakespeare Festival Lover’s Guide to Southern Oregon and Northern California, illustrated with beautiful photos by Louise and her daughter Patty Doolittle.

As you use this book as your guide in your own explorations, you’ll experience first-hand the region’s wonderful:
• Small towns and museums
• Beautiful gardens and forests
• Mountains and hiking trails
• Lakes, rivers, and ocean beaches
• Caves and wildlife

Along the way, hopefully, you’ll find your own favorite places to visit again and again. Using this book as your guide, you won’t miss a thing that makes up this incredibly diverse, scenic, and beautiful region of the United States.



California Girl Chronicles, Brea’s Big Break  |  $ 14.95

By Michelle Gamble-Risley

Take Another Wild, Sexy Ride Into Brea’s World!  

Welcome back to a story about wild, witty and sexy romp into the world of Brea Harper as she tries to succeed as a screenwriter in Hollywood only to be continuously distracted by hot men. In this second book in the series, our beloved Brea has finally realized her dream to write a Hollywood movie. Follow her new adventures as she discovers what it’s really like to work on a movie, deal with Hollywood sexual politics, and balance her many hot, sexy and wild relationships with all of the men who love to love her. Which man will lure her into more bedroom antics? Will it be the sexy actor hired for her film, Johnny? Perhaps the new energetic and slightly insane playboy Ryan? Or maybe she will manage to rebuild her relationship with her dreamboat producer Kale.

California Girl Chronicles takes readers on a wild, sexy ride into Brea Harper’s outrageous romantic and professional life in this edgy new series destined for great commercial and critical success. Brea is not your typical California blond or like quintessential blonds like Cher in Clueless. She is smart and very driven to succeed as a screenwriter. Find out why this great flawed character has got readers screaming at her in maddening frustration, “Don’t do it Brea!”

“I love the California Girl Chronicles books! Brea is one dynamic individual who really makes you care and root for her to have all her dreams come true! This book has so much depth and really draws you in with the well-rounded characters. Michelle has done it again — she’s written another real page turner!!”
~ Sonja Fisher, Actress, Model, Host and Mrs. Corporate America 2009-2010 and Ms. All American Spirit 2010-2011

“When approaching page 38, my co-workers walked in on me literally drooling with anticipation as to what surprising plot twists and turns Michelle Gamble-Risley will take us on in Book 2 of California Girl Chronicles. Breathless with anticipation, my pulse raced longing to know what new adventures Brea Harper will partake in. Five stars for holding readers in a state of torturous suspense.”
~ Victoria Andrew, VP of Marketing, LJS&S Publishing



It’s All About Millimeters | $14.95
Dr. Donna Galante

Is it possible that one TINY “MILLIMETER” change can lead to BIG success?

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if the dreams you yearn to accomplish in your business, professional practice or even relationships and personal health and fitness could be realized
in such small, millimeter steps. Wouldn’t you want to know how?

In this new ground breaking book, It’s All About Millimeters, Dr. Donna Galante shares how you can make those changes using a “millimeter” approach. In her book, she teaches you:
• “Millimeter” methods to improve your finances and business and deepen relationships to experience a more joyful, fulfilling life.
• How setting goals and making changes to your business or personal life can be accomplished in very small, “millimeter” steps.
• Techniques you can use to make “millimeter” changes and SUCCEED.
• Through real-life case studies how others have made “millimeter” changes and enjoyed
BIG Results.

By taking a “millimeter” approach, you can make the changes you need to achieve your business and personal goals. Small changes done consistently will bring about the desired results you have been looking to achieve.

As a practicing Orthodontist for over 26 years, Dr. Galante has used “millimeters” as a measure of success in creating healthy and beautiful smiles for her patients. She shares how using a “millimeter” approach to achieving your goals will get you the results you wish to achieve once and for all.

“If you are looking for a book that will help you and your team make the changes needed to compete in today’s economy, this book is a must read. Dr. Donna Galante has taken a simple concept that she has used in her Orthodontic practices with colossal success and outlines those strategies for you to incorporate into your business or professional practice. Her ‘millimeter approach’ will help you implement change effectively and quickly so that your company can move to the next level of profitability and success.”
Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series



Vengeance is Now  |  $17.95 U.S.   

by Scott D. Roberts

Enter the mind of a sick and sinister serial killer aka “The Eye”

“I placed the plastic bag over her face and squeezed at the base of her neck. She was resigned to her fate. You could almost hear the fear in her eyes. She took her last labored breath and her chest was still. Oh, the vacant stare. Yes, you’ve never really lived until you’ve seen the life leave another human being…”

A down-and-out and disgraced former police detective and P.I., Tate Holloway has turned to a life of soaking his sorrows in a bottle of Tequila, smoking weed, and turning tricks with high-class wealthy women to make a living. Balancing his empty life of surfing and keeping his secret life away from his girlfriend, Tate finds his entire world turned upside down when he’s set up, framed, and forced to go on the run for unspeakable crimes. 

Vengeance is Now is a taunt, erotic and action-packed thriller about a fallen detective whose redemption can only be found by bringing a killer to justice. Tate has to shrewdly turn the tables from being the hunted to the hunter in this heart-pounding, adrenaline rush of a thriller. Each stunning, breakneck-paced revelation brings Tate closer to the dark truth and uncovers departmental and political corruption that leads to a final showdown of good vs. evil in the race for vengeance. 

“Roberts has written a first-rate thriller. A page-turner, occupied by great characters and plenty of plot twists. An outstanding debut effort.” — Scott Disharoon, Producer, “Aurora Borealis,” “Illusion.”



10 Strategic Insights into Successful Business

$17.95 U.S.

10 Powerful Ways to Win in the Women-Owned Business World ... 10 Powerful Insights into How Women do Business ... 10 Powerful Perspectives on How to Successfully Sell to Women...

10 Powerful Women:10 Strategic Insights into Successful Business is a business owner’s Bible to understanding and marketing to the rapidly growing female-driven business world and marketplace. If you want to know how women think, do business with both men and women, and understand how women make buying choices, then you must read this insightful book.
In 10 Powerful Women, learn straight from 10 successful, experienced women business owners:
• How women can think big to achieve BIG success
• How women market, network and build relationships that produce powerful results
• What women need to consider when building their businesses
• How men and women can effectively reach and sell to the female marketplace
• What these 10 Powerful Women have learned in business to help others succeed

Women-owned business is rapidly growing in the U.S. Business owners and
entrepreneurs who don’t understand the value and importance of not only collaborating and working with women-owned business are missing out on a HUGE opportunity to leverage, benefit and grow from working with amazing women. Learn what makes women in business not only thrive but succeed — and learn how to build profitable relationships with women to make your business succeed, too.

“The 10 Powerful Woman book is a valuable tool for present and future female entrepreneurs. That’s why I plan to recommend it to my 15-year-old daughter.”
— Scott D. Roberts, director, producer, screenwriter, author, Braint Media



By Heidi BK Sloss  |  $14.95


In a back-to-basics economy, you need a back-to-basics
marketing mentality.

Your fortune awaits you — and it’s a lot easier than you think. You can go from marketing misery to marketing mastery to profitable success all with Heidi’s timetested strategies. More than just a productivity book, Fortune is in the Follow-Up® provides business owners with simple, effective, and proven strategies that get real results.

In this book, Heidi Sloss, keynote speaker, reveals to business owners the critical, but often overlooked, secrets to thriving in any economy. Not only will you learn how to find a fortune in your follow-up, but you’ll also save time, energy and money as you learn:
• Why your current marketing strategies aren’t working
• How to get the most out of your leads and referrals
• Why a business plan is a waste of time for most businesses
• Why networking is a waste of time UNLESS you use Heidi’s 5 networking tips
• How to stop sabotaging your business and start making real money
• Business basics that build customer loyalty

Heidi Sloss is a national sales expert who provides savvy sales strategies for
independent sales professionals and business owners who focus on their craft
but neglect relationship building, marketing, and sales-closing techniques.

“Heidi Sloss sees business for exactly what it is: the treasures are in the
follow-up, don’t ignore customers after the purchase, and cultivate (long-lasting) relationships. This book reveals the crucial steps business owners must take to be profi table in any economy. Believe me, you’ll really enjoy reading this book as much as earning a fortune from it!”
– Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, Guerrilla
series of books, over 21 million sold; now in 62 languages


  Under the Sycamores | $19.95

A Novel by Michael Perrotta

Emilia remembers a time when she was completely free. On a long weekend she meets her “anima gemella,” her twin soul. Morals, obligations and responsibilities fight against her desires. A novel full of feelings … she takes the steps down to the bottom of her heart, of her life and of all the lost passions … to find the courage to be true to herself.

  Never Say “I Wish I Had” | $9.95
30 Days to becoming your Own Chief Goals Officer

By Wayne Kurtz

“If your friends and family don’t say the words ‘no way, you’re crazy’ about your goals then you have not made them big enough.”
– Wayne Kurtz

Each New Year, we become a nation fixated on making resolutions. Did you know that 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions? How many of that 45 percent do you suppose keep their resolutions? Ninety percent of that 45 percent will fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Since resolutions are no more than goals, we can infer from this statistic that 90 percent of those people do not know how to achieve goals. As a group, we obviously lack the skills necessary to achieve our goals – and this is where the new book Never Say “I Wish I Had”: 30 Days to Becoming Your Own Chief Goals Officer can offer a solution.

Readers interested in learning how to not only set but achieve every goal, whether big or small, every time will find Never Say “I Wish I Had” to be one of the most useful, hands-on tools available on the market. In this book, readers learn:
• Why goals are important
• How to create a goals “blueprint”
• Tips for effective time management and improved organizational skills
• How to use goal-setting tools
• Why “Goal Journaling” is important
• How others succeeded through case studies

Never Say “I Wish I Had” puts readers in charge of their goals achievement and guarantees that every reader who follows Wayne Kurtz’s tried-and-true goals program will become their own Chief Goals Officer in 30 days. This insightful, personal and revelatory program reinforces what many readers know already about the value and importance of goal setting and then shows them how to make all of their goals a reality.


  Fart Tart Freddy and the magical fruit that makes you toot | $9.95 U.S.
by Eric Deckard

Holy fartin-fun butt-man, get ready to take an adventure with the big-hearted fart tart freddy!

A young Fartin Martian named Fart Tart Freddy has never felt good enough to try out for the Fart Fighter spaceball team. He has never met a magical fart fairy. He has never battled an evil alien butthead named Lord Thunder Butt who rules with an iron fart. Freddy is only used to being bullied at Fart Fighter Academy by Mean Methane Mike. “Butt” that is all about to change when someone or something starts mysteriously stealing the city of Flatulantis' pet poo-dles. It's up to Freddy to go on a smell-raising adventure to a secret island called Mount Poot-a-Lanka where magical and strange creatures live. He and his buddy Bubble Butt Brandon come face to fanny with the evil Lord Thunder Butt. With smarts, a big heart, and maybe something magical and tart can he get to the “bottoms” of things or get blown away.

To learn more about Fart Tart Freddy and all the Fartin Martians log on to www.farttarts.com.  


  Manuel's Murals | $14.95

A single-minded journey…

Manuel Jesus Ramirez Rodriguez, a passionate nine year-old boy from Mexico City, loves to paint murals like his hero, the legendary 20th century Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera. He dreams of the day he will become as famous as Diego Rivera so he can take care of his family and never have to watch his father clean other people’s buildings ever again. However, because of this singleminded quest, Manuel learns how his actions can affect the lives of others in ways he never imagined. Manuel takes a solo journey to learn more about Diego Rivera’s art, but what he finds is a greater understanding of his own culture. The theme of this picture book revolves around family; however, an appreciation of who we are emerges as colorful as the soul that is Mexico.


  California Girl Chronicles
Soft-cover Edition

By Michelle Gamble-Risley | $12.95
Hot, Sexy Fun! Welcome to the California Girl Chronicles! (it's a great teaser)

“I then moved forward and allowed him to kiss me. I could tell by his reaction, he could barely contain himself over what I had just done. I decided right then I was going to sleep with him.”

The California Girl Chronicles, Book 1 introduces Brea Harper, smart, beautiful, blond and sprayed tanned. You know no respectable California girl would actually lay in the sun anymore without sunscreen, right? Join Brea on her tragically misguided romantic and professional adventures to pursue her dream to become a screenwriter in the City of Angels. Meet Brea’s men — safe-and-secure Lance who she lives with out of convenience when he moves to Los Angeles; charismatic and twisted “band boy” Drew; and hot, sexy and loving Kale, the Hollywood producer who mentors, inspires and truly loves her. Get sucked into the steamy, sexy world of Brea Harper as she comes of age in the seductive world of Hollywood.

  Smash: A Smart Girls Guide to Practical Marketing and Public Relations $14.95

Smash: A Smart Girls Guide to Practical Marketing and Public Relations is the new humorous and inspirational book co-authored by Michelle Gamble-Risley and Michele Smith. Smash isn’t just another marketing book to give you a 101 ways to reinvent the first 20 ways that work just fine. Who needs a 101 ways to do anything? Smash doesn’t attempt to be the Harvard guide to give you high-brow gibberish that we “promise” will turn you into the next Google. Smash provides the average entrepreneur down-to-earth “takeaways” for executives interested in laughing and feeling inspired to think about marketing in a refreshing light.

  Who Are You Calling Grandma? – True Confessions of a Baby Boomer’s Passage | $12.95

“Tri, tri again! Think your trimester days are over because you delivered your children safely to earth and then had your tubes tied? Or reached menopause hotly and happily? Or had all the baby-toting equipment removed from your body? Not so fast, sister! What about ‘The Grand Triathlon?” Nine months of déjà voo-doo: your grandchild in the body of another woman!

While the culture paints you as a grinning, shopping fool (and you may be), reality has it that preparing to “Become Grand” is a complex passage. It has some devilish underpinnings and whacky outposts. What if you don’t feel ready? Really and truly don’t like “The Name”? Need a name of your own that doesn’t start with “G”? Get a teensy bit crazy at the thought of Christmas arrangements? Have strong opinions that aren’t all that interesting to the couple in power? Shall I go on?


Quickest Way to Insanity – Homeschool Your Kids | $14.95

A Very “Sane” Guide to Homeschooling from a Mom that Knows!

If you’re a parent considering homeschooling, a homeschooling novice or a long-time homeschooler, Quickest Way to Insanity …Homeschool Your Kids provides refreshing, helpful and often irreverent insight into the ins and outs of homeschooling. It offers parents and guardians a wealth of information on how to homeschool their children and does something unlike any other book on
the market — it teaches you how do it with the “brain” in mind. This book describes homeschooling as a “journey,” one more than
worth taking.


  The Fertile Kitchen Cookbook – Simple Recipes for Optimizing Your Fertility | $29.99

Are you one of the millions of couples desperately trying to conceive a baby? Are you aware that diet plays a critical role in fertility? Would you like to unlock the secrets to changing your diet and potentially increasing your chances of success? Co-authors Cindy Bailey and Pierre Giauque—when confronted with Cindy’s medical prognosis of a two percent chance of conceiving a baby on her own—unlocked those secrets to develop a “fertility diet” that four months later produced a viable pregnancy, and soon after a healthy baby.

The Fertile Kitchen™ Cookbook includes a variety of simple-to-make tasty dishes that make the diet easy to follow. In this cookbook, the authors share these flavorful recipes, along with the dietary guidelines that helped them succeed. Additional tips and even a section on cooking basics are included.

  Don’t Write Like You Talk  |  $14.95

You Should Not … Write Like You Talk
OMG: Don’t write like you talk! We live in a culture saturated by improper English and grammar where continual text messages, incoherent posts on Twitter or Facebook, and poorly written emails pass as writing. Well, time to toss out those embarrassing grammar errors and change your “naughty” (a.k.a., lazy) writing ways. Smart Girls ready to improve their writing will not only laugh their way through this funny, entertaining and informative book, but also learn tips, tricks and insight to:
• Stand out from the spelling- and grammar-error crowd and earn a promotion
• Earn the respect of their peers with beautifully written emails
• Impress the boss with well-written reports
• Polish writing skills enough to write their own versions of Sex in the City (the   book not the movie)

Don’t Write Like You Talk helps writers of all skill levels understand basic principles to improve all writing, from emails to blogs — and from short stories to novels. Using fun, sassy and useful examples, Don’t Write Like You Talk provides tools to polish your writing — or just look really smart. This is the book to own: a copy to adorn your office; a copy for your library; a copy for your dorm room; or even a copy for the bathroom shelf. So put a little moxie back into your writing and purchase a copy today.

  Be the Hammer Not the Nail  |  $17.95

One Page ... 21 Days!
All You’ll Ever Need for Success, Health and Happiness

People spend more time planning a vacation than they do their own lives. Why? Most people don’t know what is needed to build a successful life. They may decide to visit the self-help section of the bookstore only to find too many CDs, forms or homework included in modern self-help programs. Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, many people will give up. I have great news! Be the Hammer Not the Nail is different than all of those other programs.

Be the Hammer Not the Nail provides:
• Easy instruction on how to build your blueprint
• 110 Tools to guide you
• A simple one-page blueprint for success in 21 days

Imagine a unique one-page blueprint to build your successful life in just 21 days. No difficult workbooks; no long CDs; no messy pages and forms to fill out. You simply read Be the Hammer Not the Nail, fill out your one-page blueprint, apply the Tools, and 21 days later enjoy the results — a happier, more satisfying life. This system works like no other and promises to help you build the life of your dreams.

  Achieving the Balance Dream  |  $14.95

Achieving the Balance Dream Can be More than a Wish

Learn how to unlock the secrets to a more balanced lifestyle … Many studies suggest that over 50 percent of all American believe their lives are out of balance. They feel overwhelmed, rundown, tired, depressed and anxious about their lives but don’t have any idea how to bring balance and harmony back into it. Achieving the Balance Dream unlocks 11 important and groundbreaking secrets to help men and women slow down, reflect and discover new techniques and tools to restore a balanced, happy and satisfying lifestyle.

Achieving the Balance Dream teaches readers how to:
• Become self aware and reprioritize their lives to restore balance and harmony
• Apply tools and techniques to ground, relax and rejuvenate the soul
• Understand the value and importance of self care to mind, body and spirit
• Use exercises to create a healthier, happier lifestyle

If you’re one of millions of men and women desperately seeking to unlock the secrets of a more balanced life, Achieving the Balance Dream promises to help you succeed. The book guides and helps you realign your priorities and life toward a happier, healthier and balanced approach that satisfies, reduces stress and creates peace and relaxation. You will be amazed and delighted at the results.

  Blood Over Badge  | $17.95

Two seemingly unrelated crimes – two seemingly unrelated killers – and two mysteries waiting to be solved …

The murder of the Mayor of San Francisco’s daughter sets the stage for this intriguing and spell-binding crime thriller. Two police detectives, Jack Paige and Casey Ford are assigned to catch a cold-blooded rapist and killer. In this gritty, realistic tale of homicide, unrelated mysteries of two murderers seem to come together and make little sense. What does a man rotting away behind the stench-enclosed walls of Angola Penitentiary have to do with an evil and cruel rapist and killer now on the run from California to Texas? What is the relationship to the killing of the Mayor’s daughter?

Blood over Badge, an intense, taunt and brilliantly told crime thriller, takes readers on a realistic, gritty and real-world tour de force exploring the underbelly of police and detective work. It begs important questions about our justice and penal systems; explores the nature and gray areas of good, evil, immorality, love, loyalty and family promises. Readers will be taken into an intense story with many twists, turns and surprises — and be left wholly satisfied with an incredible and shocking ending well worth the read.


Deep in the heart of an African Jungle begins an incredible adventure...

Mason Witt, a skateboarding American teenager catapults himself into the greatest adventure of his life after reading the plight of a new Cyber Writer from Africa. Lutalo knew he would come so he sent Mason an urgent plea for help. His village has lost its precious Zebra of Life — and his father has gone missing in the pursuit of the evil men who stole it. Here begins this thrilling adventure of two boys, a smart-talking panther, and an amazing zebra that sustains life.

Come and join Mason and Lutalo on this fantasy adventure ... follow the arrow.

This fantasy adventure guarantees to delight and entertain young readers as they take an incredible journey through the heart of Africa and learn about courage, family, friendship, trust and loyalty.

Karen Kostlivy spins a fine yarn that your son or nephew or daughter or niece are going to love. She knows young people, and she knows how to tell a story. Young readers will adore these action-packed adventures that have something for everyone — including parents.”

– Timothy May, professor of English. 

  VANITY CIRCUS | $14.95 

Welcome to the to the Wacky, Wild World of Vanity Circus …

In this ring we have self-publishing …
In that ring we have traditional publishing …
And here in the middle ring let’s introduce New Publishing!

Vanity Circus: A Smart Girl’s Guide to Avoid Publishing Crap is an entertaining, funny and insightful book that guides readers through the complex, sometimes frustrating but always interesting world of publishing. If you’re an author or writer thinking about becoming an author or just interested in learning about publishing, Vanity Circus explains all the nuances of the industry, from finding a fitting title to writing a provocative chapter one to catch the publisher’s attention — and from writing a winning query letter or synopsis to answering the age-old question, “Do I need an agent?”

Vanity Circus readers will learn:
• Tips to choose the right book title that sells
• Tricks to write an effective first chapter that holds the reader’s attention
• Insight into which publishing model is right for you
• Insider secrets to contracts, copyright law and trademarks

Vanity Circus explains all levels of publishing as told by two funny ladies who also own 3L Publishing. The Michel(ll)es love nothing better than to skewer their own industry in the most forthright and humorous way. Vanity Circus is so entertaining, you will read it from beginning to end — and thoroughly enjoy this day at the circus.


Both Kirsten and Julia had been through years of grueling custody battles, and job loss and were now living on the financial edge.

This current economic slump was really putting a cramp in their life style and they had to do something about it. Julia woke up one morning and the first words out of her mouth were “Today is the first day of the rest of my life”. Enthusiastic about her new point of view on that December morning, she called her best friend Kirsten to discuss when they would start meeting to write their book.

Our Stimulus Package is a sexually charming collection of side-splitting dating stories from all over the country that are voluntarily shared by Julia and Kirsten’s close friends. This will be a book of non-fiction and any resemblance to venues, actual events, persons, places or body parts are purely coincidental.

  Second Bloom: 10 Steps to Reinvent, Rejuvenate and Realize a New Life | $19.95

How would you feel if you could set a new direction in your life that challenges and fulfills you? Wouldn’t you love to renew your passion for life and be in a place where you bounce out of bed looking forward to every single day? You can. All you need is the desire and a plan. Second Bloom is a practical and powerful10-step planning tool that you can use to transform your life and achieve your dreams.

Learn how to:
~ Identify the change you want to make in your life
~ Create a bold and daring vision that electrifies and motivates you
~ Smash through obstacles clearing the path to your vision
~ Craft a plan of action that empowers you to move from hoping and wishing to living and loving your dream

At times irreverent but always inspirational, Second Bloom includes dozens of stories about ordinary women who rediscovered their spirits. Loaded with exercises, the book walks you through the process using a beautiful, easy-to-use planning template. When finished, you will have a transition plan that maps out where you want to go and what you need to do to cultivate your second bloom. 


  A Feast at the Beach | $14.95

By William Widmaier

"A beautiful adventure that both captures your senses and the Spirit of Provence while awakening, inspiring and enticing a sleeping palette.”
- Kelly Preston

“In every jewel-like chapter William captures the essence of what it was to be a child in a Provence that is passing from memory. A lovely book.”
- Georgeanne Brennan, Author of A Pig in Provence and The Food and Flavors of Haute Provence.

Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the Provence of the late 60s. Sensitively told, filled with humor, tenderness and a beautifully descriptive narrative regaling the reader with the tastes and smells of Southern France, A Feast at the Beach deftly blends the foods of Provence with stories that will touch your heart, and just may inspire you to rediscover your own joie de vivre.

“To read A Feast at the Beach is to experience slices of Provençal life with all the amazement and sensitivity of the child we all once were.”
- David Martinon, Consul General of France

“With his many anecdotes and mouth-watering Provençal recipes, Widmaier reveals the secrets of the renowned Southern French joie de vivre.”
- French Morning magazine

William Widmaier was born in the United States but spent many a long childhood vacation at his grandparent’s home in St. Tropez, France. Memories of these times were the foundation for the stories in A Feast at the Beach.

  Once Upon a Recession | $14.95

Facing the New Economic Realities with Passion, Purpose and Commitment to Succeed!

By Selwa Hamati with Michelle Gamble-Risley

Once Upon a Recession ... People lost their jobs, state workers got furloughed, and careers got derailed ... meanwhile some people achieved success beyond their wildest imaginations! Did you just read that right? People achieving success in the recession? Yes, you read that correctly. The recession produced success for those individuals who dared to follow their passions and purposes with incredible senses of commitment and drive to succeed. What do these people do and how do they behave to achieve success even when all of the odds appear to be stacked against them?

Once Upon a Recession is an insightful book about resilience, passion and purpose that drive people to climb to the top and achieve their dreams even when it seems impossible. Readers learn:

• Critical mindsets required to be resilient
• Principles of resilience
• Practices and behaviors successful people use to achieve goals
• Mindsets and outlooks required to stay successful

Once Upon a Recession will inspire, motivate and provide guidance to help you achieve your dreams no matter what comes your way. It doesn’t matter what the economic outlook appears to be — outside forces do not define your success — you do. Find out how! 



18 Holes for Leadership | $19.95

By Nancy L. Clark

“Entertaining and educational! 18 Holes for Leadership lets you enjoy
a “round” of golf and gain a framework for success. A quick, easy read for
leaders at any level — from novice to pro.”
~ Robert B. Hirth, Jr., Executive Vice President, Protiviti, Inc.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a World-Class Leader?

18 Holes for Leadership addresses what it takes to be a leader and what
to do with it in order to be successful. Many people become managers
and even rise to high levels of management, but never become leaders.
Why? What is missing? 18 Holes for Leadership uses a game of golf as a
metaphor to help identify the factors that provide the foundation (capability)
for leadership and guides readers on what leaders must do (effectiveness)
in order to achieve results and attain unprecedented levels of success.

“Golf can be a frustrating four letter word to those of us who have tried,
and failed, to play the game well. 18 Holes For Leadership logically
defines the key components of leadership and success in an easy to
understand and fun format that defines what leaders do to be successful.”
~ Terry Burnside, SVP/General Manager Medicine Shoppe and Leader
Brands, Cardinal Health

“Well-written, a pleasure to read, and full of insights, which are readily
applicable to leaders, and would-be leaders — like golf — of all ages and
skill levels. Clark uses the golf (sport) metaphor quite well in putting
together a credible story about what it takes to be an effective leader."
~ Barry Z. Posner, Ph.D., Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara
University; Co-author, The Leadership Challenge, and The Truth
About Leadership


  Daughter of the Caribbean | $17.95

By Norma Jennings

Jamaica is calling me AGAIN!

Beloved Jamaica, the island of my birth, where brilliant sunshine and glistening white-sand beaches demand reverence; where the fruit is sweet and abundant; and where the people are strong, defiant and accomplished …

Daughter of the Caribbean is a love letter that pays homage to the culture and heritage of this exotic, beautiful and conflicting island paradise that is Jamaica. It is an epic story told through the eyes of a Jamaican native Olivia who was raised for years by her Jamaican grandmother Sedith on the sprawling estate of Twickenham, where the fruit trees grew plenty and the adventures were grand. The book explores the bonds of family, the value of embracing and understanding one’s heritage despite notorious ancestors, and the journey that is life.

“Life’s a battle …” And Daughter of the Caribbean explores that battle in the backdrop of tropical paradise and eternal wonder. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves stories of life, love, rich and controversial history and politics, and the bonds among family that can’t be broken.

"This setting is an enticing invitation to have a first-hand experience of Jamaica’s natural beauty and all of its spoils. I shared in all the excitement, humor, fears, sorrows, joys, losses and achievements of this colorful family, and when the last chapter came to an end I was reluctant to be severed from a world I wanted to continue wrapping myself in. I’m filled and still want more!"

- JC Lodge, Recording Artist / Song Writer, UK


Beyond the Iron | $ 14.95

By Wayne Kurtz

Get Ready to Take on the Ultimate Challenge

Beyond the Iron takes athletes interested in learning and training for Ultra-Distance Triathlons on a tour de force of the world of Ultra-Distance Triathlon endurance events. This in-depth guide provides a complete overview of what it takes to mentally, spiritually and physically prepare to cross the finish line; detail-by-detail descriptions of a proven training program; and most of all, insight and expertise given by author Wayne Kurtz, founder of Racetwitch.com. He is also a devoted and enthusiastic endurance athlete who over the years has participated in dozens of these events worldwide.

Reading the book will be like you have Kurtz right with you as your personal coach and trainer to provide endless encouragement, knowledge and guidance to ensure you learn the following:

• Race distances and specific circuit courses
• Practical and applicable training tips
• Detailed and in-depth daily training schedules
• Insightful Twitch Tips to provide insider knowledge and expertise
• Mental training tips to prepare your mind and spirit to cross the finish line

Beyond the Iron is the must-have guide to help prospective and current endurance athletes succeed at a sport guaranteed to test physical and mental limits. For more information, visit the website at www.beyondtheiron.com.

“Don’t do an Ultra-Distance Triathlon before you’ve read this comprehensive, experienced-based book.”
- Matt Fitzgerald, senior writer/editor, Competitor Group, Inc.

“Ultra-Distance Triathlons have always been a bit of a mystery for triathletes. Here Wayne Kurtz unravels that mystery and helps athletes get on-track for going really long.”
- Joe Friel, coach and author of the Triathlete’s Training Bible



Confessions of a Las Vegas Motor Cop | $14.95

By H.D. Justice

Blondes in see-through dresses … revelers with an alcoholic beverage in their glove compartment … adventures in NASCAR racing … speeders who flip the bird to a motor trooper … it’s all in Vegas … BABY!

Confessions of a Las Vegas Motor Cop is an outrageous, fun, funny and entertaining romp through the experience of a NHP Motor Trooper. Everything you could ever imagine that is supposed “to stay in Vegas” comes pouring out in this incredible and often stunning confessional straight from the experiences of a Vegas motor cop. You will not be able to put this page-turner down, as you read stories from a stripper who lacks modesty to crazy criminals who flirt with gun play, and from just stupid people who do dumb things to off-road riders who lack common sense — all taking place in and around Vegas.



Mr. Date Night A Recipe for the Perfect Date | $ 24.95

By Cary Farley

Mr. Date Night says ... buy this funny and brilliant book on how to design the best dinner date ... ever!

Are you one of millions of singles out on the market, trying to impress that perfect someone? Have you just run out of creative and interesting ideas — and you need some help? Then you absolutely must invest in Mr. Date Night, the definitive guide to not only your perfect date, but also to the ideal dinner-date plans and recipes to serve tasty, nutritious meals to woo your love interest and impress her (or him)with your culinary skills.

An entertaining, funny and clever dating and dinner guide, Mr. Date Night “serves up” a wealth of tips, tricks and dating “essentials” to prepare the right ingredients for the perfect dinner date. Loaded with over 30 winning dates and recipes, readers will also enjoy an included copy of author and musician Cary Farley’s romantic Unwind CD to put the finishing touch on every date in the book. From dates as funny as “The Optimist” to “Be My Fuzzy Valentine,” Mr. Date Night will have you roaring with laughter and pleasantly full after preparing and eating down-home barbeque to basic casseroles or lasagna.

$24.95 U.S.
$25.95 Canada 



Miss Fannie Mae’s Girls | $17.95 U.S.

By Larry Batchelor

Belle had not even noticed when Nettie and Joe Bamo arrived, but her silent thoughts and reflections were shattered when she heard her sister Rosalie in the front yard yelling, "Belle I'm here, where's my mama?"

“Belle where is my mama?” Rosalie repeated. “You all come on inside its cold out here” Belle replied. “I want to know where my mama is”, Rosalie yelled again impatiently.

Rosalie never stopped talking from the front yard all the way to the living room. After getting inside the house she and Marshall had intermittent bouts of grief.

There were wails coming from Rosalie, “Mama, why did you leave me? Mama, why did you have to go so soon?”

And, from Marshall came, “Mama Girl I need you. Mama Girl, how am I going to make it without you?”

“Fannie Mae Turner died on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2008. She was the
daughter of sharecroppers. She was born in a shack on a dusty, dirt road in the
backwoods of Macon County, Georgia in 1922. Fannie Mae had skin the color of red Georgia clay. On the day she was born her mother screamed, not because of the difficult childbirth, but for the mere fact that her baby girl was the color of dirt with eyes as black as coal dust.”

And so begins and eventually ends the life of Fannie Mae Turner from Macon
County, Georgia. A true native of the Deep South, Fannie Mae Turner married and
loved Henry Turner and bore five girls, Belle, Nettie, Rosalie, Christine and Elenora.
They raised their daughters very much in the same way that Fannie’s mother had
raised her — to be God-fearing, hard-working girls who knew how to be strong when called upon. Each girl was as different as her name. Belle, the oldest, was called “Lil Buck” after her grandpa Buck. Nettie, the second girl, was nicknamed “Sis.” Rosalie was called “Big Red,” because she was the same color as her mother. Christine was called “Sweetie Pie.” And, Elenora went by the name “Girlie.”

Miss Fannie Mae’s Girls is a deeply personal yet eloquently simple, charming and
irreverent story about the bonds of family, loyalty, loss and love found. Take a sweet journey into the heart of this colorful group of characters whose deep, spiritual bonds and kind, loving support were engendered in them by the great Fannie Mae Turner.
You will both laugh and cry with them, as they mourn the loss of their beloved
mother Fannie Mae only to rediscover their sense of family, place and purpose
through the marriage of Christine Turner and Horace Lee Miller. This is a story you
will take with you in your heart long after you’ve read it.

$17.95 U.S.
$18.95 Canada


  Screenplay Workbook

Want to learn how to write a screenplay or convert your book to a script? Order a copy of this screenwriting workbook. This brief workbook will guide writers toward the development of a produceable screenplay. Written by a produced screenwriter, Michelle Gamble-Risley provides an easy overview about screenwriting.

Printed Version: $7.95
eBook Version: $4.95 
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