Public Relations

Public Relations

3L Publishing strategically blends marketing and public relations campaigns to help both authors and business owners successfully reach and effectively communicate with their markets. We craft a customized marketing and PR campaign based on individual’s needs to respectively help authors become best sellers or business owners use marketing and public relations materials to increase visibility, exposure and sales.

Our public relations and marketing programs help authors and business owners:
• Enhance their image
• Reach target markets with the right messages
• Increase overall visibility with target markets
• Increase exposure and sales
• Create brand names

We provide an array of materials to achieve these goals, including:
• Website content and development
• Media kits
• Press Releases
• Media campaigns leveraging state-of-the-art outreach service
• Blogs
• Newsletters
• Brochures
• Business Cards
• Branding and Logos

Contact us today to get started on your campaign! You can send e-mail to or call 916.300.8012.

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