“Being a first time author with a story in hand, I wasn’t sure where to go next. I met with 3L Publishing, LLC and received the support and guidance that I needed to turn my manuscript into a polished novel. I will always be appreciative of their feedback, coaching and support of my project.” Stacey Cotter, Harris Estate

“What can I say but thanks!  Your professionalism and prompt attention to keeping me on strict timelines with my busy schedule was exactly what I needed to publish two books.  I look forward to many years working together with your team for several of my future books. I am a “walking” testimonial for your expertise. Onward and Upward!”
Wayne Kurtz, Author of Beyond the Iron and Never Say I Wish I Had 

“Working with 3L Publishing was a great joy for me when I wanted my book, Fortune is in the Follow-Up® to be updated for the 2nd edition. Michelle was terrific as an editor – she cleaned up the typos, helped me look great in print, and was a joy to work with. Additionally, I got to work with 3L’s graphic designer, Erin who did a terrific job on the cover and book pour and then with 3L’s manager, Bo Bradley who made sure my book with uploaded to BN.com and Amazon.com for both paperback and eBook. Because of the 3L magic (and hard work) my book was also accepted in the Bakers and Taylor catalogue. Thank you 3L team – working with you is great!”
Heidi Sloss, Author of Fortune is in the Follow Up and 10 Powerful Women

“Working with your company made me so glad I didn’t try it on my own. You helped me make my good story great!!!”
Jori Nunes, author, Chocolate Flowers

3L Publishing has taken a dream and made it real.  Manuel’s Murals, my children’s picture book, is in the hands of my literary heroes in Mexico because it is artistically brilliant and packaged to reflect the beauty of a culture.  Each review has been glowing, and now this poignant little story that speaks to all cultures is making its way into the hearts of many.  Everything about this publishing experience has been about what works best for me because I am highly valued.  I couldn’t be more proud of my “baby” because 3L believed in me enough to give me a product that is the embodiment of who I am as a writer.”
Jeaninne Escallier Kato, Author of Manuel’s Murals

Just want to extend my heart felt thanks to the women of 3L Publishing. They are simply amazing. First to Erin Pace-Molina who is designed my book cover and so much more. She was amazingly patient as we went through the process of getting the cover just right. I believe it came out beautiful!  Michelle Gamble who helped pull so much more from me with her gentle guidance and care to make sure this book was the best it could be. Even as the process of the printing of the book is completed, the care they take for the success of me and my book are at the forefront of their mind. I am forever grateful land I know I will continue to have a long and prosperous relationship with this Company. Not often do you do business with companies who are so dedicated and caring to produce the highest quality in their client and their product. Sending lots of gratitude to 3L!”
Linda Lee, The Power and Light that is You

I have been so positively overwhelmed by the entire book creation experience, and I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your company for the integral part you played. From the initial meeting where you helped me narrow my focus and outline my book to holding the finished product in my hand for the first time– I couldn’t be more pleased! I appreciate your candor, responsiveness, sense of humor, and knowledge of the industry, as well as the fact that we can sit down over lunch and literally see things eye to eye. I love the book I crafted and it would not have been the same without you. Thank you! ~ Josh Mathe, award-winning author of In the Footsteps of Greatness


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